10 initial thoughts on the iPhone 5

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Today iPhone 5 was released in Sweden and my pre-ordered iPhone 5 was delivered.
Here’s a shot of it compared to the iPhone 4:

Here are my initial thoughts.

  1. The box
    The boxing is gorgeous. Apple is keeping true to all of their other products and wrapping the iPhone 5 in a neat little box with great finish.
  2. It feels just about the same
    Taking the iPhone 5 out of the box and placing it in your hand just feels right. It’s thinner which makes it feel narrower. It’s easier to reach over the touchscreen. My thumb feels longer in a way.
    I had heard that it would feel less edgy than the iPhone 4/4S but I can´t say that it’s too much of a difference. It is a littler smoother feeling and the back has a delicately brushed metal feel to it.

    I found myself holding it a little differently than the iPhone 4. I usually hold it in one hand and control it with that same hand and on the iPhone 5 my hand slides a bit upward.
  3. The Lightning connector is small

    The new Lightning connector is tiny. It’s less than a third of the size of the old connector. Even the end that connects to your computer is smaller.
  4. The button
    The home button feels different. It feels more like a real button with a “click” although it’s almost silent. The button on my iPhone 4 had more of a “press and hold” feel to it.
  5. White balance
    The new iPhone 5 is alot warmer in color tone. I can´t say that I´m crazy about it but I think it will grow on me.
  6. The screen
    The screen is amazing! It almost makes the iPhone 4 screen seem non-Retina. The app-icons are popping out of the screen in comparison. The colors are more saturated and the app-icons seem a little bit bigger. I guess it has to do with greater contrast or something.
  7. It’s fast
    Compared to the iPhone 4 it’s a big difference. This thing is on fire! Switching between apps, surfing with Safari, browsing through settings, all is super fast.
  8. Setup is a breeze
    Like previous upgrades the upgrade just works. It took me 6 minutes to restore it from my local backup (32 GB model).
    The initial sync that occurs after the restore took some time though, about 20 minutes.
  9. It sounds great
    Playing music and sound through the speakers sound really good. Compared to the iPhone 4, which is also very nice sounding, it sounds a little fuller. If anything it is a little more hard to tell where the sound is coming from which is a good thing.
  10. There’s a storm coming!
    Upon completing the restore and sync of my new iPhone 5 I had to fill in my password for at least 6 different integrated apps, calendars and mailboxes. The dialog boxes were flying at me. Facebook, Google calendar, iTunes, Find Friends and more needed me to sign in.

Final thoughts

The iPhone 5 is sleek and feels great in your hand. It feels familiar. It’s like an elegant, tall, quick and modern relative of the old iPhone. The screen is just beautiful and the browsing is super quick. Even the apps like the iOS Facebook app is way much faster and scrolls smoothly. Please tell me what you think.

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