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How to restore Apple TV

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This is how you restore your Apple TV via micro-USB cable. Make sure you have a micro-USB cable. We’re talking micro-USB here not mini-USB. Power off your Apple TV. (It won´t work if you skip this step!) Start iTunes. Connect the micro-USB cable to your Apple TV and to your

Apple TV Photo Stream Unavailable (Fixed!)

When updating the Apple TV to software version 5.1 you might receive an error message when running the Photo Stream app. The error message says “The account name or password was incorrect. Please try again. For more information, go to” I’m running the 3rd generation Apple TV with

Updating Apple TV

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I’m currently updating the software for Apple TV from 5.0.2 to 5.1. This is a pretty straightforward procedure initiated from the Settings menu on the Apple TV. Posting my thoughts on the update shortly.     Update I’ve been seeing some weird performance loss on my Airport Express router