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Youtube iOS app not working in iOS 6.0.1

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I just upgraded to iOS 6.0.1 and found out straight away that the iOS Youtube app won’t log me in. My feed is completely empty and even though I log out and bac in again it won’t work. The error messages pops up all ovet and says “Error loading

How to activate inspector for iOS

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There’s a brand new feature in iOS 6 that has had very little attention in the blogosphere so far. It’s the ability to activate the Web Inspector for you iOS device. This is how you activate Web Inspector for your iPhone och iPad. On your iPhone or iPad go

New app icon banner in iOS 6

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When you download a new app from AppStore in iOS 6 a tilted banner saying “New” appears over the app icon until you start it for the first time. A nice touch.

iOS 6 upgrade problem with iCloud fix

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So I was eagerly awaiting the new iOS 6 software download and this evening it finally arrived. I considered upgrading OTA (Over The Air) but remembered that upgrading through iTunes (by cable) is usually faster and you can transfer purchases, backing up and syncing before starting the upgrade. The

Icon caching mystery

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I’m currently trying to figure out how the caching of apple-touch-icon, short cut icon and apple-touch-icon-precomposed works. Or more specifically, why the home screen icon sometimes doesn’t change if it was used previously on the device. I seem to get different results on iPad and iPhone when I change

Google’s new YouTube iOS app = No Airplay video

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Google released their brand new YouTube-app today and apparently video isn’t supported over Airplay. The raft between Apple and Google seems to deepen. If you fire up Safari and navigate to youtube.com watching that same movie allows it to be viewed over Airplay though. I can’t really see the


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Tried to figure out how to remove the gloss Apple add to the icons for webpages saved on the home screen for iOS-devices. It turns out not even Apple themselves describe this in full in their Safari Web Content Guide.   One detail I had missed, apart from the

Youtube iPad app login problem solution

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Username and password are incorrect? If you experience login or authentication problems with the YouTube app on iPad or iPhone. The solution is probably that you need to complete the creation of you own channel on www.youtube.com before your iOS device app is fully functional. It won´t be sufficient