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Mac mail multiple language spell check

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If you need Mac OS X to only show the red dotted lines under words that actually are misspelled when you write text in different languages, you need to look no further. Make sure you set the following setting in System Preferences / Languages & Text  

How to measure screen elements without taking a screenshot on Mac

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If you like me often use screen capturing and take screenshots or screen captures you might have found out that on Mac you can use Command + Shift + 4 to get a crosshair that shows how many pixels that are currently selected. That command automatically takes a screenshot

iOS 6 upgrade problem with iCloud fix

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So I was eagerly awaiting the new iOS 6 software download and this evening it finally arrived. I considered upgrading OTA (Over The Air) but remembered that upgrading through iTunes (by cable) is usually faster and you can transfer purchases, backing up and syncing before starting the upgrade. The

Solution for incorrect password for SMB user on Mac

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When you want to create a SMB-file share on your Mac to be able to share files with Windows users. Beware of this little bug or glitch. While creating the fileshare you have the option to create a user account. If you do this within the “Sharing” section of