How to activate inspector for iOS

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There’s a brand new feature in iOS 6 that has had very little attention in the blogosphere so far. It’s the ability to activate the Web Inspector for you iOS device. This is how you activate Web Inspector for your iPhone och iPad.

  1. On your iPhone or iPad go to Settings/Safari/Advanced.
  2. Set Web Inspector to ON.
  3. Connect your iOS device to your Mac.
  4. In Safari on your computer, start Safari and navigate to the Develop menu item.
    (If you don’t find the Develop menu item you need to go to Preferences/Advanced and activate “Show develop menu in menu bar”)
  5. Under the Develop menu you will now find a section with information from you iOS device.

    This new section will show you all open web pages that that are currently open in your mobile Safari browser.
  6. Click one of the open items.
  7. Voila! The Web Inspector now shows all the information you need to debug your code for your iOS device.

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