How to create a custom page layout in Pages

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Here is the easy way to create a custom page layout in Pages ’09.

  1. Open Pages and create a new document from the Template Chooser. Choose a blank document.
  2. Choose Format > Advanced > Manage Pages
  3. Delete all previous page templates leaving you with a clean start.
  4. Make sure Styles Drawer is showing by selecting View > Show Styles Drawer.
  5. Choose Title, add some text choose font, color and font size and such and notice the red arrow appearing next to the Title paragraph style in the Styles drawer.
  6. Click the red arrow and choose “Redefine style from selection”.
    Continue adding your own format as custom paragraph styles for headings, body and  other elements.
  7. To save your current style as a page style section choose Format > Advanced > Capture pages…

    Give your current page style/layout an appropriate name and click OK.
    Add more page layout sections if you like.
  8. Now you have created page layout sections that can be chosen from the Section button.
  9. To conclude this tutorial it is convenient to save your layout as a template for new documents. Otherwise your sections won’t be available for new documents.
    Choose File > Save as Template…
    Give your template a name and click OK.

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