How to create a page header in Pages

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So you want to create a full width page header in Pages ’09? Or maybe a header that’s a little wider than the default width that follows the page margins? Or maybe you want to add a cooler page header that’s more like a banner for all consecutive pages in you document?

You could make something like this perhaps?

This is how you create a wide page header in Pages ’09.

Let’s get fancy.

  1. Open Pages, create a new document or open an existing document.
  2. Put your cursor in the header section.
  3. Open Inscpector and set you margins to 0.
  4. If you like me want you header all the way up on the page make sure you use no top margin for you header.
  5. Do something fancy in your header like insert a shape or some text like this.
  6. Well that’s it. Oh yeah, you  want your document to be readable and keep some “margins”? Just indent your document content by selecting your content and grab the blue arrow and slide it back into place.
  7. Good luck.

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