iOS 6 upgrade problem with iCloud fix

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So I was eagerly awaiting the new iOS 6 software download and this evening it finally arrived.
I considered upgrading OTA (Over The Air) but remembered that upgrading through iTunes (by cable) is usually faster and you can transfer purchases, backing up and syncing before starting the upgrade.

The upgrade was smooth as usual and rather quick comparing to previous OS upgrades. However, after boot a wizard pops up which finalizes the OS upgrade and this is where my problem began. When the dialog box appears asking for my iCloud/apple-ID, I enter my password which I’m certain of since it works perfectly when downloading apps on my other iOS devices, this error message shows up.

I can imagine this error message was due to heavy load on iCloud servers. I tried logging on to my account on my Mac on and was pretty surprised when that logon was unsuccessful too.

I was forced to skip the step and tried supplying my iCloud account information through the Settings app. That was also unsuccessful and this error message shows up.

I can still access my documents through my iWorks apps and I can download new apps and music from AppStore and iTunes. This baffles me. I tried rebooting the iPhone but the error seems to be persisting. I waited a few hours now and have come to this conclusion.

The temporary “fix”

It seems that doing nothing works just fine regarding AppStore and iTunes downloads. Working with documents stored in iCloud also works. The automatic error message stopped appearing whenever I start the settings app now and although I didn’t enter my password without getting the error message box it has just gone away in that view.

I can’t say that ignoring the error message has done the trick really but some of the aspects of my iCloud works. Go figure!?

iCloud sync still works

I use iCloud for syncing contacts, calendars and Safari bookmarks and amazingly that still works.

Apple suppport contacted

I decided to give Apple Support a call and the asked me to log in and out of AppStore which worked just fine. They told me to download a free app which also worked like a charm. They couldn’t explain why this situation could occur.

Probably there is something in the back-end of systems att Apple. The different areas where your apple-id is used are probably separated and someway maybe your account is associated with different passwords.

The permanent fix

I ended up resetting the password via and that someway consolidated the diverse passwords. Another explanation might be that I had a pending mandatory password reset event that was raised due to my password being too old. (The Apple support person wasn’t sure of exactly how long the password expiration period is.)

Please contact me if you need any advice regarding this matter.

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