One week with the iPhone 5

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I’ve had the new iPhone 5 for a week. Switching from the iPhone 4 was easy and it’s a very familiar feeling since I already knew the iOS 6. Here’s a list of what I made notice of during my first week with the new iPhone 5.

Lighter, smoother, sleeker

The whole feel to the phone is more elegant. It feels narrower, it’s light and the brushed metal gives it a really smooth feel. I usually carry my iPhone 5 in one of the pockets in my pants and I don’t even notice that it’s there. In fact I even sat down with it in my back pocket without noticing. I’ve noticed that it’s a little easier to drop the iPhone 5, it sort of slides out of my hand sometimes.

The headset

The new headset, or EarPods as Apple calls them, are fairly good. They fit nicely in my ears but since I like the in-ears alot I havn’t really worn them that much. They don’t keep out nearly as much noise as the in-ears do and that’s what I like. I sometimes go to work with the in-ears in my ears with no music playing just to muffle it all and get me a smooth start to my day.

The placing of the headset plug

At first I was a little unsure of what to think of the change in the placement of the headset plug. Now that a week has passed I kind of like it. It makes sense to have it on the “bottom” of the phone since you usually put the phone “head first” when you put it in your pocket. It’s also a little easier to put the headset in while you’re on the phone. With the iPhone 4 I often had to remove the cord that had a way of always being in front of the screen while I was using my headset and that’s gone now.


Battery life

I’m a little disappointed with the battery life. I think Apple has lowered the default level of the brightness of the screen just to make the battery last longer. When I set screen brightness to a maximum I had almost drained the battery when I got home from work one day.
I wouldn’t generally say that battery life is worse than the iPhone 4 but it’s not better.

Lightning connector

The new connector is way better since it’s smaller and you don’t have to worry about if it’s going in the wrong way. I once found myself being in my car looking for my old charger with the 32-pin connector. I really need to buy a new car-charger or get me a converter.

 First week verdict

The change from the iPhone 4 is small on the verge of being insignificant. It’s lighter and it feels smaller which is nice but the iPhone 4 size never bothered me to be honest. The one thing that is absolutely amazingly better is the speed of it. Everything is at least 5 times faster. Starting apps, surfing, switching between apps, updating mailboxes and so on is super quick.

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