Photoshop CS6 keeps asking for license

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I recently upgraded to Photoshop 13.0.3 and every other day when I start Photoshop I get the following dialog box

It says “License This Software”.

I seem to have over 32.000 days until my trial ends but the thing keeps bugging me and even when I provide the correct serial number the darn thing keeps showing up. I contacted Adobe via Twitter and found out that it’s a bug that they are working on. Read more here.

  1. Posted by Barry Stacy

    Having the same issue in a lab of 18 OS X machines. Can they be serious to suggest this as a fix? We can’t give end users/students the serial number. Multiple times I have tried contacting Adobe in regards to this. On hold for up to 50 minutes, disconnected transferred, disconnected, told we installed it incorrectly.
    Thanks for finding this so that I can at least let my co-workers know that it is a known issue.

    I finally found and used the steps outlined in this Adobe video to create the ‘Serialization File’. Seems to have worked for a week or so but now the machines are again beginning to prompt students for activation.

    Please let us know if you here anything about a resolution.

    • Posted by Martin Wahlberg

      Hi Barry
      Thanks for the comment.
      What a bummer! I don’t have any particular technical suggestion to offer regarding your “situation”. However, I would really recommend you to try the “Twitter-approach”. Send a tweet to @Adobe_Care and ask them to help you. I also waited forever in their support only to get a lame response. By contacting @Adobe_Care on Twitter though, I got an immediate response and they seem more updated on this issue.
      Good luck!

    • Posted by Martin Wahlberg

      Here’s the link:

      Let me know how it goes!

    • Posted by Martin Wahlberg

      Hey Barry, apparently Adobe released a fix for this two days ago. 13.0.4 fixes the bug.

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