Prints turn out green

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If you print on your deskjet printer, in my case a HP Photosmart printer, and your prints turn out with a green cast you might have the same kind of simple problem that I had.

I have an old HP Photosmart printer. I had to print a couple of photos and I bought new ink cartridges, installed them and fired up Photoshop. I edited the photos and started printing. I set all the right settings including paper type (HP Premium Plus Photo Paper) and so on. The print ended up looking completely off with a stark green cast.

I printed a test page and thought the magenta looked very low. I took out the magenta cartridge and gave it a wack. That didn’t do any good.

I even tried printing a black and white image and that also came out with a green cast. When I printed a test page it seemed weired that the magenta boxes came out all grey.

What eventually solved my problem was quite simple. The HP printer comes with a HP Utility that let’s you clean the printheads. I started the cleaning process which is layered and I ran all three steps. It didn’t do any good at first but then I ran the cleaning process a second time and after that the colors ended up looking beautiful like the last time I used the printer.

The solution is very simple, I know, but believe me I spent over two hours going through color settings in Photoshop as well as tuning settings for the printer.

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